Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Brother, Brett, Graduated from WVU!

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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my younger brother's college graduation. It was the first time I had been on the WVU campus as I have been a busy girl these last 4 years (and Brett has always been pretty private about what goes on at school, even though we all know). As Brett, showed me around his, huge, expansive campus, I couldn't help but think about how different our college experiences must have been.

Four years ago today, I graduated from Hood College in Frederick, MD. Hood sits on a few city blocks right outside of historic Frederick. It's cute, quaint and was the perfect place for me.

I remember when I first started looking at colleges, I usually would immediately throw away the items that came from Hood, mostly because at the time, it was an all girls school, at least residentially. And then my mom starting throwing them away for me, without me getting to even look at them and I guess that is where I drew the line and starting taking them out of the trash, even asking her, why would you throw this out? Maybe I want to go to this event at Hood (in regards to an invite for an overnight stay and interview).

I guess the rest is history. I went on that silly overnight visit, where I met now some of my best friends, and graduated from Hood not once but twice. And even while I was touring around this huge school with Brett this past weekend, thinking how awesome it would have been to go to home football and basketball games on the weekends with my friends and fellow comrads all cheering for a common outcome, and thinking how cool it would have been to take the PRT to class in the morning, or live off campus for a year, or those awesome keg parties WVU had, I cannot help but think that I couldn't have made a decision for myself. Hood is where I belonged. And I am happy that Brett found something like that for himself and I hope for his sake, that it was a place he will look back on fondly much as I do my own Hood days.

Any advice for the new college grad??


Steve said...

I got some advice....get a

Steve said...

Congrats to Brett as well though on his graduation!!

Melly said...

you should have posted the pics of me....