Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Is What Your Deposit Paid For

If you booked a wedding in the last few weeks and sent me your deposit, I regret to inform you, I spent it on Walmart porch furniture.

I know what you're thinking, jeez, Dani, you could have bought much better furniture with the money I sent you. I know, I know, but I am step-Jewish, and thus, frugal, at least with my patio furniture.

I have wanted porch furniture since we moved in. But there was no point in getting porch furniture until recently because the likelihood of any of us sitting ouside in the cold was slim. But now, since the weather is gorgeous again, I needed it. I have been craving it. In Frederick, we had these lounge chairs we thought were comfy but you had to really be ready to lounge and not get up for awhile. They are not for people with ADD like me.

This set, while not brightly colored and not very attractive, is perfect. And was inexpensive for all that was included, at least I think so. We have had it for a little more than a week and already have sat on it every single day since it was put together.

IMG_0247 copy
Roomie's chair is the one on he left. He calls it his thinking chair. It helps him with his daily crossword. The other one gets too much sunlight during the day so we let guests sit there. Or Barley (see below)...We're nice that way.

IMG_0249 copy

Personally, I prefer the bench. But that's just me.

IMG_0246 copy

I need some pretty flowers, I know. I have empty pots. And a wind chime that is laying on the ground. It's a work in progress. For now, I am happy just sitting outside, getting some fresh air.

And I'm only kidding about your deposit. So, chillax. I spent it on drugs. Ha, just kidding again. It's in the bank. So I can buy your prints. Duh.

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