Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This One Will Surely Surprise Mom

This quilt look familiar, Mom?


It's on my bed.

I needed a change.

And Sushi cat is a douche bag (hmm...maybe I shouldn't say that on this website) and is finally retaliating for us getting a dog and peed on the comforter. COME ON, SUSH! THAT WAS NOVEMBER! (Honestly, I have no idea what animal did it, but it smelled like a cat, and Barley cat can do no wrong in my eyes, so it must be Sushi) Anyway, I am welcoming the change, especially with the warmer weather, it's lighter and made with love.


My mom used to make quilts. I say USED to because now she is a knitting freak (I can hear her now, that's not very nice Dan. Ok fine, you are faithfully dedicated to knitting only, better?). In fact, she just completed her February Ladies Sweater (don't ask and yes, you're right, it's May) and upon me trying it on and saying well, it's a little big for me, she immediately says "Well, I am not making you one anyway." Fine, Mom, I will just make fun of you on my blog. :-) Now she is working on a piece called "Shawl That Jazz..." Oh my goodness...

I aquired this quilt from my grandmother on my father's side. My mom made it for her a long time ago. But now it's mine. :-) And on my bed. Finally getting some use. Maybe I will wear this one out to the point where she has to start quilting again so I can get a new one. She is going to have to start up again because future Mini Dani's are going to want a baby quilt like I had. In fact, the reason why I started taking pictures of this quilt yesterday is because I saw fabric in it that was used in my baby blanket. Like the yellow and red patches in this shot below.


I secretly wish I could make quilts, but I lack patience and all of those stitches, oh my goodness, shoot me now. So, instead, I just admire my Mommy's hard work. Thanks, Mom!



Lauren said...

You and your mom are simply adorable. I love how you talk about her...love it!

Krista said...

The quilt is stunning. Your mom does good work!

(visiting from SS)