Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Osaka - Rehearsal Dinner

Are you guys tired of hearing about Julie's wedding? Only one more day. Promise.


The rehearsal dinner was so much fun. What a great idea! A hibachi grill, where everyone can be as happy and full as the happy couple! Oh but the yum yum sauce...daggers (the orange/seafood sauce). It's so good, I wanted to put it on everything. But you all know what it does to your digestive system. And the wedding was the next day!

Mmm Yum Yum Sauce


I had never actually taken pics at a hibachi grill before, but the bride asked if I could so, these are my first attempts. It helps that I knew what was coming. But the lighting was funky, so I had some ideas for next time that will help.



(BTW, do you see the videographer in the back left of that pic up there with the video camera? His name is William, and he is just amazing. He is from Human Story Films, if you are looking for a videographer, hire him. He's AMAZING! Did I say that already?)

Egg Roll!

Egg Roll



Little Maddie had never been to a hibachi grill before. She was adorable.

Maddie looking amazed

This is Opie opening his wedding gift. Luckiest groom in the's a ROLEX!


Opie opening his Rolex!

And this is Jules with her wedding day earrings, Opie's wedding gift to her!

Julie and her beautiful wedding gift

These are the bridesmaids! (Who knew I could pull off orange!)

Jules with her girls

Grooms cake and Jules with knives!

Ain't they cute?

I love this face!

Love it.

IMG_8478 copy

Wedding day tomorrow!

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