Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Julie's now husband's name is Jeff, but everyone calls him Opie, so for the bachelor/ette party, we had O-P-LYMPICS! (Just FYI, these photos are typical party photos, I by no means want this to reflect the serious work I do, k? K)

The Happy Couple

First off, I love that they decided to have a joint party. It seriously just makes everything so much less stressful and that way everyone involved in the party can help out.

It was actually at their house, which we so affectionately call "The Acre." They have a bonfire pit and a huge yard so it really was perfect. The bride and groom's parents were even there, which made for even more fun, especially when Julie's dad and sister and her were on the triple spouted beer bong.

The Weanie's Bonging!

This is me and the groom. If someone wants to buy me this shirt, I would love you forever. I think it's at Walmart, so, maybe I should just buy it myself, but seriously, how awesome is it?? I need it in my funny shirt collection.

Me and the Groom!

They seriously have some of the best bonfires ever. They used the crates from the drunk tricycling track to make the fire even bigger.

Best Bonfire Ever

I won't tell the internet what we had to do with this banana and the other thing I am holding, if you can see it. See? I warned you yesterday this was going to be inappropriate.


These are the beautiful bridesmaids.


Anyway, there are more inappropriate photos, but I know you will see them if you just click on any of the above photos, so, I will let you find them for yourself. Have fun!

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